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Best Eye/Face Glitter, Powder, and Glue

Available in a rainbow of colors, dance and cheer loose glitter makeup from BA STAR helps build confidence and create winners. You can opt for traditional, ultra-fine face glitter or larger holographic stars to accent your eyes and make your hair dazzle.

The best eye and face glitter is one that's versatile, long lasting and eye-catching. When you're looking to buy cosmetic glitter eye shadow and glue that will help you stand out, BA STAR is a top choice.

Pair your cheer, stage, or dance makeup with BA STAR's best-selling eye shadow glitter primer glue. Our sweat-resistant glue doubles as an eye shadow and glitter base, and stays put even during the most intense routines. You can add depth and a metallic quality to your makeup using our high-quality glitter powder and glue for your eyes. The versatile line of glitters and glue here at BA STAR will give you a style edge over the competition!