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Glitter Makeup Silver
Silver Ultra Fine Glitter Makeup for Cheer Makeup Kits, Dance Makeup Kits, Parade Makeup & Drill Team Makeup
Add Sparkle to Your Smoky Eye Shadow Palette with BA STAR Sweat Proof Silver Glitter Makeup
Ultra Fine Silver Glitter Makeup is Sweat Proof Makeup that is Easy to Use Adds Highlights to Your Smoky Eye Shadow Palette. Inculde Silver Glitter in Your Custom Makeup Kits

Silver Glitter Makeup, the Best Selling Glitter for Performers!
Onstage, at Competition, or On the Field - Silver Glitter Makeup is #1

Add a Touch of Glitter:

  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All Over Lid
  • Brush On Eye Shadow Over Glue Base - (Try With So Sassy! Duo)
  • Pat Glitter On Top of Eye Shadow
  • Do NOT Blend
For Full Glitter:
  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All Over Lid or Where you Want to Apply Glitter
  • Pat On Glitter Over Glue Base
  • Brush of Excess Glitter. Use a Large Powder Brush or Blush Brush.


Product Code: GL102

Tips Ingredients
  • Have you ever wondered how the Stars get that Sparkle on Stage throughout the long performances and the bright lights? Why isnt their performance makeup a running mess? Well heres a well known secret and performance tip. First, use a Strong Glitter Base, then apply your eye shadow palette, then brush or pat on your ultra fiine glitter. Yes, Silver Glitter Makeup is a #1 Best Seller because it is so versatile. It goes with almost every dance costume or cheer uniform. Ultra fine Silver Glitter Makeup can also be applied on its own as a sparkling glitter eye shadow. Ultra fine silver glitter makeup is a show stopper on stage or at dance or cheer competition