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Glitter Makeup Sparkle
Super Fine Glitter Makeup for Cheer, Dance & Stage
Super Sparkle Ultra Fine Glitter Makeup! Adds a Sweat Proof Sparkle to Your Custom Cheer or Dance Makeup Kits

Super Sparkle for Super Performers
A Must Have for Sugar Plum Fairies, Fanciful Costumes, and All Around Sparkle

Add a Touch of Glitter:
  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All Over Lid
  • Brush On Eye Shadow Over Glue Base - (Try With So Sassy! Duo)
  • Pat Glitter On Top of Eye Shadow
  • Do NOT Blend
For Full Glitter:
  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All Over Lid or Where you Want to Apply Glitter
  • Pat On Glitter Over Glue Base
  • Brush of Excess Glitter. Use a Large Powder Brush or Blush Brush.

We Know Glitter Makeup Can Be a Little Messy, But It's So Worth It!


Product Code: GL000

Tips Ingredients
  • When you think of glitter makeup do you think of big chunky pieces of glitter that flake off or wont stay on. Chances are if you have had this experience with your dance studio makeup or cheer makeup you have not used a cosmetic grade ultra fine glitter from BA STAR. Though it is difficult to see the difference craft glitter particles are much much bigger than found in cosmetic grade ultra fine glitter. And, heres another fun fact about glitter makeup - its gluten free, vegan, hypo allergenic and sweat proof which makes it just about the perfect makeup for your cheerleaders or dancers of every age. Add Super Sparkle Ultra fine glitter to your custom makeup kits to add a little sparkle to a smoky eye shadow palette or as an overall face highlighter, Even try a little super sparkle ultra fine glitter in your hair and watch the fireworks take place on stage or at your cheer or dance competition