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Glitter Makeup Red XL
Ultra Fine Glitter Red is the Perfect Red Lip Combination
Start with a Smudge Proof Lip Pencil or Smudge Proof Lip Paint. Pat on Ultra Fine Red Glitter! Catch the Magic!
Ultra Fine Red XL Glitter Makeup is a Must for Your Custom Makeup Kit Adding Ultra Fine Glitter to Your Smudge Proof Lip Stick achieves Lasting Results & Bright Smiles

Wow the Crowd with Red XL Glitter Makeup
Perfect for Eyes or Glitter Lips

Add a Touch of Glitter:
  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All Over Lid
  • Brush On Eye Shadow Over Glue Base (Try with Spirit Palette or So Sassy! Duo)
  • Pat Glitter on Top of Shadow
  • Do NOT Blend
For Full Glitter:
  • Apply Glue Shadow Base All over Lid, or Where You Want to Apply Glitter
  • Pat On Glitter Over Glue Base
  • Brush of Excess Glitter. Use a Large Powder Brush or Blush Brush.


Product Code: GL120

Tips Ingredients
  • If you're serious about your stage makeup or competition makeup making an impact on performance day then adding an Ultra Fine Red Glitter to your custom dance makeup kit or cheer makeup kit is a must. The combination of a smudge proof holiday red lip pencil or smudge proof lip paint and ultra fine Red Glitter insure that your team will look fresh throughout the longest competition and your team members will have the biggest brightest smiles sure to wow the judges and the Cheer Moms. Ultra fine red glitter is sweat proof makeup that is great for all skin types and for young dancers as well as the highest level competitior. Ultra fine Red Glitter is Easy to Use Makeup that will keep performing for Every Team Member right up until they Win the Gold Medal. And, Ultra Fine Red Glitter can be found in the custom makeup kits of the cheerleaders and dancers in the Macys Day Parade