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Big Bold Black Mascara
Big Bold Lashes!
Black Waterproof Mascara
Big Black Bold Mascara! A Must for Your Cheer Makeup Kit or Dance Makeup Kit


Big Bold Black Mascara !
Long Lasting Water Proof Mascara for Cheer Makeup Kits & Dance Makeup Kits

The Big Bold Black Mascara is Waterproof, Sweat Proof & Stays On!
A Must for every Custom Makeup Kit for Cheer, Dance or Performance

Try with a Smoky Eye Makeup KIt, Black Liquid Liner
Add a Pair of False Lashes ! Now You are Ready!

Its Time to Show Off With Big Bold Eyes & Lashes!


Product Code: ML100

Tips Ingredients

  • What do you think that every dance mom or cheer mom would have in her makeup bag? If you answered black mascara - well thats what we thought too. Until we were backstage at Cheer Competitions or in the hallways at Cheer Competition where everyone is doing their makeup and sharing their makeup. When it came time to apply the black waterproof mascara - for those teams that thought the Moms would bring it. Well they didnt.Now Black Waterproof Mascara is one of the most important makeup items to have if you want your eyes to stand out on stage or at competition. So, then the girls start sharing their Black Waterpoof Mascara. This is a really bad idea because nothing spreads gerrms more quickly than the eyes, the cheerleaders and dancers might just as well share a toothbrush. Ugh. So, if youre a team coach or dance studio owner please include the Black Waterproof Mascara in your Custom Dance Makeup Kits or Custom Cheer Makeup Kits. It will keep your team both looking great at competition and safe from the germs that sharing with your team mates can bring. In the long run its a Win for Your Team