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Passion Pink Lip Pencil
Smudge Proof Passion Pink Lip Pencil
Perfect for When You Need a Pop of a Deep Pink!
Passion Pink Lip Pencil / Deep Rich Pink

Passion Pink Lip Pencil
Deep Rich Pink Long Lasting Lip Pencil
Perfect Dance Makeu, Cheer Makeup or Makeup for Show Choir

For Smudge Proof Lipstick pair with
Love Ya Lip Paint

Stands Out! Stays On!

Multi Functional - Works with Neutrals and Smoky

For Extra Shine Add Hot Pink Glitter or Fire Magenta Glitter
reat Makeup Cheer, Dance, or Show Choir


Product Code: LP110

Tips Ingredients
  • If you have students of every age group and you are looking for a smudge proof pink lipstick that will be a long lasting lip color and age appropriate for even your youngest dancers or cheerleaders then you should try the passion pink lip pencil. The lip pencil affords the teacher more application control than a bullet shaped lipstick so its easier to apply to the tiny lips of those young dancers. Passion Pink Lip Pencil wont overwhelm young faces and pairs well with pink costumes. For the extra sparkle young dancers love we recomment you try a touch of pink glitter on the top of the Passion Pink Lip Pencil. Its a truly adorable combination that both the dancers and the dance moms love