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Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil
Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil 
Perfect when you need a Hint of Color. Pair with Hot Pink Glitter for a Little Sparkle
Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil Try It! You will Love It

Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil
A Great Nude Lip Color to Use for just a Hint of Color or the base of a Pink Sparkle Lip

Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pain is perfect for young dancers and cheerleaders as well as the boys in your dance studio
The Light Pearl in the Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil adds a Sheen withour using a Lip Gloss
You will LOVE this product so much you will want one - just for yourself.


Product Code: LP101

Tips Ingredients
  • Do you have a young dance group or young cheer group? Maybe these dancers or cheerleaders or beginners or young intermediates who really aspire to be just like their older more accomplished members of the competitiion team. The best way to engage young dancers or cheerleaders to your cheer or dance program is to engage them and include them with as many of the same perks as the older members of the team. That includes a recital or mini cheer competition, sparkly costumes or sparkly bows - these girls love to sparkle. And of course glitter lips. Use the Smudge Proof Bronze Lip Pencil & Hot Pink glitter and these girls will become students for life. A little makeup kit goes a long way for the brightest happiest smile and really happy dance Moms