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Look at Me Lashes!
Look at Me Lashes! Bold False Eye Lashes
Loved by Dancers, Cheerleaders, Drill Teams Performers
Look at Me Lashes! Get Noticed! Dancers, Cheerleaders, Drill Teams, Performers

Look at Me Lashes!
Full False Eye Lashes!

Whether you are Marching in the Macys Day Parade, Friday Night on the Football Field or at Dance Competition.
False Lashes are a Must for Your Makeup Bag!
Good for Junior & Senior Dancers, Cheerleaders & Performers

For Extra Drama
Black Liquid Liner or So Sassy Glitter & Matte Makeup Kit.

Studio Lashes are reusable. Use with Eye Lash Adhesive ( not included )
For More Makeup TipsWatch a Makeup Video.Learn from the Best


Product Code: ELW12

Tips Face Chart
  • If you are looking for a Sure Proof way to stand out on stage for your cheer competition makeup or dance competition makeup there is nothing more powerful in your beauty arsenal than False Lashes. The addition of false lashes for your custom dance makeup kit or custom cheer makeup kit signals to the cheer competition judges or dance competition judges that your team is a high ranking, professionally coached performance team that has come to Win First Place. While it may take a little extra time to apply your False Lashes prior to your dance performance or cheer competition, when you see the effect on stage or at the competitions you will know that the hard work and extra addition to your custom makeup kit was well worth it. High ranking teams always sweat the details and add points to their total scores