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Dance Makeup

BA STAR Designed by Makeup Professionals. Perfect for Cheer Makeup or Dance Makeup!

BA STAR makeup is the Look of a Winner!

Team Makeup is a Must if you want to score with the Judges
Mismatched Makeup is a distraction from the performance of the Cheerleaders and Dancers!
BA STAR has several different purchasing options for your Cheer Team or Dance Studio

Some Tips

  • Watch Makeup Videos of some of the Best Cheer and Dance Makeup !
  • Request Free Samples so that you can Try before You Buy
  • Work with a professional to create a Team Makeup Look. Create a Custom Face Chart
  • Have a Makeup Class before the Competition, Recital, Game, or Parade!

Order as a Team or Get the Group Price and Order Individually.

Group Orders: Team Discounts when you purchase 6 or more Cheer or Dance Makeup Kits
  • Use the Custom Kit Builder
  • Email for Custom Face Chart & Invoice.
  • Group Orders Ship to One Address. Free Shipping!

Group Makeup Kits: Individual
Individual Order Placement
  • Email or Call to set up your Custom Cheer or Dance Makeup Kit
  • Cheer & Dance Makeup Kits are posted on Team Orders by your Cheer Team or Dance Studio Name
  • Groupr Discount Prices are Available.
  • Orders Ship to Individuals. Free Shipping Over $55=

    Team Discounts, Free Stuff, & Free Shipping are Automatic. An Email will Confirm your Order # and Shipment Tracking Number
    Orders generally ship within 24 hours of order payment. School Purchase Orders, Team & Studio Checks are Accepted.

    BA STAR Makeup Builds Confidence, Stays On, Stands Out, Creates Winners!

    Let us Help your Cheer Team, Dance Team, Dance Studio, Drill Team create that Winning Look!

    BA STAR Team!
    301-288-1135 - Office Hours 9-4 EST, Mon - Fri
    9800 Hall Rd
    Potomac, MD 20854