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Rainbow Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set
Vegan Rainbow Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set 5 pcs, P
Brush Set Includes: Foundation Blending, Blending, Contour, Eye Shadow Angle, Eye Shadow Fluff
New ! Vegan Rainbow Sprinkle 5 pc Makeup Brush Set Designed Explicitly for Sweat Proof Makeup. Add to Your Custom Team Makeup Kit

New! Vegan Rainbow Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set - With Pink Hair!
  • Blending/ Foundation Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contour Face Brush
  • Eye Shadow Angle Brush
  • Eye Shadow Application Brush
Height of Brushes Ranges from 5.7" to 6 1/2 "
See Ingredient Tab for More Info

Bulk Discount. 6 + $7.99
Ugrade your Makeup Kit Brushes $5.99
Makeup Kits 4 pcs +
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Brushes Ship No Later than Sept 15.

Product Code: BSRS22

Tips Ingredients
  • Want a Pro Makeup Tip on How to Achieve the Best Makeup Results? Have you watched all of the Tic Toc or You Tube videos from your favorite makeup influencers or makeup artists? What is the one thing they all have in common? You guessed it - a great makeup brush. Specailly designed makeup brushes are the most important element of flawlessly applied makeup. The type of hair and cut of the makeup brush insures that it is the perfect tool for whatever job you need when you are applying your competition makeup. And, for cheerleading and dance makeup its even more important to upgrade your team brush sets because performance makeup is high pigment, sweat proof makeup that for long lasting results needs to be applied skillfully. So, do your team a favor, spend a little bit extra money and upgrade your team makeup brushes to our BA STAR vegan makeup brush set