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Ultra Fine Glitter Holo Silver Glitter
Ultra Fine Glitter Holo Silver is a Holographic Glitter that Sparkles & Shines On Stage Or At Competition
A #1 BA STAR Seller Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter adds Sparkle to a Smoky Eye
Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter. #1 Best Selling Glitter to wear with Dance Costumes & Cheer Uniform Holo Silver Glitter is sweat proof makeup that Stays On & Lights Up the Stage

Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter is a Best Seller in BA STAR Custom Makeup Kits
Its Easy to Use Makeup that is Sweat Proof and Stays On Throughout the Performance or Competition

Use with BA STAR Glitter Glue & Shadow Base for a Long Lasting Hold that will not transfer to your Cheer Uniform or Dance Costume
Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter delivers just the Right Amount of Shine, Whether You Use It Alone or to Add Sparkle to Your High Pigment Eye Shadow Palette
Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter is a Studio Makeup Favorite for Young Dancers or Young Cheerleaders as it delivers Just the Right Amount of Sparkle


Product Code: GLHOL

Tips Ingredients
  • If you are going to choose one glitter makeup to pair with your high pigment smoky eye shadow palettes Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter will definitely give you the most bang for your buck. Adding this ultra fine glitter to your makeup kit insures that your dancers and cheerleaders will stand out on stage and get noticed for their style by the competition judges. And, best of all this Ultra Fine Holo Silver Glitter, is sweat proof makeup that is a hypoallergenic glitter which is especially important for young dancers and cheerleaders. Dont miss out on the affordable Ultra Fine Glitter. Your team will come out for performance with the confidence and swagger that is the hallmark of teams that sweat the details and check the boxes. So dont miss out. Try a little Glitter Magic