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Cheerleading Glitter Stickers & Headbands

A long day of competition can often blind judges to the subtle nuances of your performance. If your routine is in the evening, the judges have probably already seen countless performances featuring frustratingly familiar choreography. Your team has put too much time and effort into its routine to go unnoticed—steal the show with our cheerleading glitter face and body stickers.

At BA STAR, we offer a variety of sparkly accessories that will make your squad shine. Combine our cheer glitter headbands with a dazzling, dynamic display of spirit, and you’re guaranteed to grab the attention of the scorer’s table.

Getting your girls to sit still pre-competition is a tall task. Thankfully, each of our cheer glitter star stickers for face application features an easy-to-apply adhesive solution that eliminates problems caused by restless squirming and rubbing. If you’d like to color coordinate your accessories, we offer 10 types of cheer and dance glitter face stickers to choose from! Order our glitter face stickers for cheerleaders and get free shipping $55+!