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Add On Fiber Mascara - Falsie Fakeout
Fiber Mascara - Falsie Fakeout Mascara
Fiber Mascara - Falsie Fakeout Mascara

Did You Know that You can Add On a Fiber Mascara to Your Makeup Kit?

Falsie Fake Out is our premium yet affordable Fiber Mascara which is long lasting and easy to use. The step by step guide lintroduces you to the process of adding fiber mascara to your Cheer Makeup, Dance Makeup, Glitter Makeup or Custom Makeup Kits.
Falsie Fake Out Fiber Mascara is a Duo Product with a Gel Base on One Side and the Fiber On the Other. By layering in the Gel with the Fiber the result is a long full lash that rivals the look of False Lashes.

Add On Price $5.00 You Save $3.75
Add On Price Available Only with the Purchase of Your Makeup Kits


Product Code: ADDONFFO

Add On Big Lashes

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